How to Compile & Decompile SPD .Pac File?

How to compile & decompile SPD .PAC file?
  • Compile/Pack
  1. Select the .pac extension file in this program which you want to modify.
  2. After selecting the file, Partition will appear in the user interface of this program.
  3. Select the file name within the partition and double-click on it to choose the replaced file.
  4. After selecting the replacing files, Click on the Pack button and choose the saved modified file directory.
  5. Your file will be compiled into a .pac extension file.
  • Decompile/Unpack
  1. Run the Pac Unpacker v2.1 program and choose the SPD .pac file you want to extract.
  2. Now click on the Unpack button to extract the file and your extracted files will be saved to the same file location.

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