How to Generate Checksum File for MTK Scatter Firmware?

What is the Checksum file?

The Checksum.ini file is used to verify the integrity of MediaTek firmware files after it has been transmitted from the system device to the mobile device, If you want to verify that the transmitted file is exactly the same as the device firmware file, you can use a checksum.ini file.

How to generate the checksum file of MediaTek scatter firmware?
  1. Put all scatter firmware files in one folder.
  2. Extract the CheckSum Generator v5.1728.00 program in the firmware folder.
  3. Run the checksum generator program "CheckSum_Gen.exe" setup file.
  4. This program might take a while to generate a Checksum.ini file, The speed of checksum file generating is depending on the size of the cache.img, userdata.img and system.img files.
  5. When the checksum file is successfully generated, you'll see the success message "Write ini to: .\Checksum.ini" and total ROM files detail.
  6. Close the checksum file generator program and your generated "Checksum.ini" file will be saved in the firmware folder.

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